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Documenting onboarding wizard configuration from scratch

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  • Wolfgang Rosenauer

    there are still a few changes ongoing within the wizard implementation as well as in the documentation which are not released yet. You might be able to find up to date changes in the develop tree.
    I'm not the one doing those but I would propose to wait a bit until some dust has settled around it. Nevertheless I will point the developer to this post.


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  • Documenting onboarding wizard configuration from scratch


    After fighting a bit and digging into the code, I've finally managed to configure the new onboarding wizard from scratch.
    This is probably different from most use cases, as people are more likely to just be upgrading the existing client onboarding wizard.

    Nevertheless, I'd be happy to contribute to the documentation, as I think that is lacking a few details to set it up from scratch:
    • The open-xchange-client-onboarding package still needs to be installed
    • The davmanual & mailmanual scenario must be defined & enabled in client-onboarding-scenarios.yml
    • he davmanual & mailmanual scenario must be present in all the relevant com.openexchange.client.onboarding.*.scenarios variables and in com.openexchange.client.onboarding.enabledScenario s (other scenarios are useless)
    How can one help with the documentation?


    PS: I'm using open-xchange-7.10.5-7_7.1, but I didn't see any reference to this being changed in the more recent changelog

    PPS: Maybe this is just due to the transition and will change with the upcoming release, let me know if it's not worth changing