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Business Mobility OXTender does not sync imported serial appointments

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  • Business Mobility OXTender does not sync imported serial appointments

    we have installed the oxtender and all works pretty good (on Nokias E51 and N97).

    I imported a ics file with austrian holidays that created series entries like "neujahr" but with from/till date year 2002 - exactly all those created ics appointments are NOT synced to the mobile phone (maybe because of the year 2002??). Serial parameters are: e.g. on every 1th jan every year - never ending!

    Even more bad: i can not edit those appointments in the web interface e.g. change year from 2002 to 2010 for the whole series - after a save 2002 is appearing again.

    After a delete of the imported serial appointment "Neujahr" (complete series) and a newly created serial appointment with same parameters it is synced to the mobile!?

    Any ideas?
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    Thanks, i'll check this. There is a know issue with all-day recurring appointments and the Nokia calender. The device sends incorrect data, but i'm not sure if it's related. If you create these kinds of appointments manually, it works fine you say?



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      Same behavior on the iphone. I suspect this is caused by the setting to synchronize only recent appointments. The holiday appointments start at 2002 and most devices only synchronize past month appointments. We're aware of that problem and try to send appointments that are older than the configured timespan but occur within. Manually created yearly appointments starting in 2002 are also not synchronized while yearly appointments starting in 12.2009 are synchronized correctly. Can you confirm this?

      Thanks a lot!


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        hi martin,

        - whole day appointment start 2002, series yearly -> NOT synced (manually and imported)

        - whole day appointment start 2009, series yearly -> SUCCESSFUL synced

        - 08:00 til 09:00 appointment start 2002, series yearly -> SUCCESSFUL synced

        - 08:00 til 09:00 appointment start 2010, series yearly -> SUCCESSFUL syncek

        Hint: if i created an entry (imported or manual) in OX calender with date 2002 it is not possible to change it to a other date - this seems to be a bug in OX.



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          Yes you are right. This occurs for all kinds of recurring appointments in all years. Gonna check if there is a way to support changing the start date of a series. Might be tricky if there are appointment exceptions that will be deleted, too. So there is a chance this behavior is by design.

          The thing with full-day series and normal series from 2002 is clearly a bug.

          Thanks for reporting!
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