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    hi, I have a question, as it is I number limits of users who open-xchange can handle?

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    Well, the number of concurrent users is limited by the system resources. For the database, you've an int(10) field for the user id which is about 10 billion user_id's per one context and context_id is also a int(10) field at the database... users when using all contexts. This should be enough for most scenarios.

    Not sure if this is correct, but to make it short: there is no hard-coded user limitation, it is limited by the system that runs the groupware system.
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      umm another question:

      I can accede from the outside to my account of mail and to send messages?


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        Yes of course, Open-Xchange uses already existing services like IMAP and SMTP which are provided by external services (like cyrus, dovecot, courier, postfix...). Open.Xchange is some kind of a User Interface to those mailservices, no replacement for them. You can use the mail account with every other product if you like, it's just imap and smtp.


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          umm another quetion:

          I can form outlook so that I was sent and unloads my messages?