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  • Accessing OX Remotely

    Thought I put this collection of info out - some I figured out - some is taken from the web - as a "Howto".
    Accessing iCal files through the WebDAV interface
    Description: Concern:
    You would like to access the iCal informations for appointments for
    use within external iCal clients like, e.g. Sunbird.

    You can access those informations, using the WebDAV interface of the
    Open-Xchange Server 5. Use the following URL to access the data


    If you would like to delete appointments through the WebDAV interface,
    too, you have to append "?enabledelete=yes" to the above URL.

    Documents - http://F.Q.D.N/servlet/webdav.documents
    Network Places and adding a network place. When asked for your location, specify the server address (e.g. ) and then access it through the network places.


    You can also use the Documents folder as a networked mount_point/drive as follows

    This is used/tested using SLED10 & OpenSUSE10.2 - but should work for any other GOOD system :-)

    Using Nautilus goto
    1 - File - Connect to Server
    2 - Service Type -- Secure Webdav (HTTPS)
    Server = FQDN (
    Folder = /servlet/webdav/documents
    Name to Use = WhatEver!
    3 - Enter UID/PWD when prompted
    (you can store this info in the Gnome keyring)
    4 - use the icon on the desktop - remove by R click/umount

    I have the mountpoint as an icon on my Desktop and just click it when I want to drag n drop documents.

    You can also access the Documents folder in WinDoze by following the info at