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  • jet an other HTTP-API question

    Hello OX-Devs

    is it correct, that the system folders like "private folder", "public folders", "infostore" have constant ids for every user on every ox installation?

    It seams so, because I have two ox hyperion test installations and for every user on both installations they are equal.


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    Hi Ron,

    as far as i know all folder ids are incremented when a new user is created. E.g. User A gets private folder id's 4-10, User B gets private folder id's 11-14 and so on. This also applies to all subfolders of personal folders. As those public folders like you mentioned are unique per context, their folder id is incremented by every new context.

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      Hi Martin

      Thank you for your fast reply during the weekend

      Yes, I known what you mean, but for me it seams not to be for the root folders, because the response of the following request returns always the same folder ids

      /ajax/folders?action=root&columns=300,302,1,20,301,308&s ession={sessionId}
      {"data":[["Persönliche Ordner",5,1,0,"system",false],["Öffentliche Ordner",5,2,0,"system",false],["Freigegebene Ordner",5,3,0,"system",false],["InfoStore",5,9,0,"infostore",false]],"timestamp":1187530184187}

      so if these folderids are constant, it would be much easier for me in my client.
      I hope I make myself clear.



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        Hi again,

        it seems to be like they are equal, because you are using only one context. When using a second context, the public folder id's will be different from the first context. Thats part of the multi tenancy architecture of Open-Xchange Hyperion. I'm not sure if this affects your client. If you want to be limited to one context you can use constant id's of course.


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          Hi Martin, its me again

          I have done some short tests and have looked through the source code and in
          com.openexchange.groupware.container.FolderObject. java beginning at line 134 I found this:

          // Constants for system folders per context
          public static final int SYSTEM_ROOT_FOLDER_ID = 0;

          public static final int SYSTEM_PRIVATE_FOLDER_ID = 1;

          And if I read the rest of the source right, the correct context during a user-session is picked up automatically. And for me it seams so that I will get always get the correct list of private folders if I do a request like

          /ajax/folders?action=list&columns=300,302,1,20,301,308&p arent=1&session={sessionId}

          for a user.

          Because of the fact, that I actually can't reach the console of my 2 ox testservers, I can't check that against different context now. But if you can tell me, thet the oxee demo server has to contexts (Germane and English) my theory seams to be right, because here it works.

          Many Thanks for your help. I hope I can get the first pre alpha release, which can only read folders and contacts, out this weekend.


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            Hey cool
            What exactly are you developing?


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              See my private Message for my development.

              But can you answer my question:
              Is the ox-ee demo server one instance with two contexts for germane and english?


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                Yep, the Open-Xchange Express Edition Demo Server is a Open-Xchange Hosting Edition running with two contexts. *cough*


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                  Good, so I can leave my implementation as it is