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SMS-integration with the community edition?

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  • SMS-integration with the community edition?

    Im wondering if there is any way to simply integrate sms-functionality in the community-edition. The case is, I already have my own sms-gateway which i can control via json, REST or other API's. I know that the functionality is present in OX6, but do I need to do any extensive coding to make this work?

    Im not familiar with coding java, so Im hoping that maybe there is something ready made?

    I've read something about support for sipgate, which seems to use a json-api. I was thinking that i could modify this functionality relatively easy?

    I would be ready to pay a sum for this, but my guess is that OX would not sell such a service.

    Thanks in advance!

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    There is some documentation what needs to be done to enable the provided SMS plugin which lacks for obvious reasons the backend integration as this is highly integration specific:

    Please also note that there are different hooks where SMS integration could be done. In addition to the messaging there is also the SMS for mobility autoconfiguration but as you use the Community Edition this is not what you actually need I gather.

    I'm not sure if there is some sipgate example available as a plugin for that service. I'll watch out and let you know if I can find something.