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Size limit of jslob entries

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  • Size limit of jslob entries

    What is the size limit for jslob entries.

    We wanted to store lots of data and not considering localStorage.
    So, we want to try and use jslob.
    But we have no idea what is the limit of jslob entry in size.
    The data can be big & increasing from time to time.
    Data that we want to store is entry id (max 100 chars length) & a boolean value indicates read state.

    Any idea?


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    The data is stored in the database as BLOB or TEXT, but you don't want to store unbounded data in it.

    Consider a user with an ADSL 2+ connection (aka DSL 16000) with the optimal bandwidth of 16Mbit downstream and 1Mbit upstream. That's 128KB/s theoretical upload bandwidth, let's be optimistic and say 100KB/s real bandwidth. A boolean value indicating "read state" sounds like messaging of some sort. At 100 messages a day, 100 bytes per message you get 10KB of data per day. That means after 10 days, saving the read status of a new message will take a full second. After a month, it will be 3 seconds.

    Compressing the data by any factor X will only give you X months, until the upload takes 3 seconds. Saving the state only every Y messages gives you X*Y months, and the risk of outdated state if the user closes the browser window gets bigger with growing Y.

    The best option is to store that data as part of the actual messages.

    The second best option would be to store them in their own database or in their own table in the OX database.

    Failing all that, try to limit the data size, e.g. depending on the kind of messages (instant vs. mail), nobody may care about the state of very old messages, so that you can drop old entries.


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      Thanks. I'll forward that to our developer.