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  • getRemoteUser Apache in Hyperion


    I'm trying to get the Apache RemoteUser in Hyperion. I don't want to get the hyperion user, but the Apache one.

    The standard java method getRemoteUser doesn't work (returns null). I think that it's related to mod_jk (I've found a lot of info in google with "getRemoteUser null" related to mod_jk... But the workaround is to modify Tomcat, and hyperion doesn't use Tomcat)

    Anybody has an advice ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i dont understand your your problem? can you explain it a little bit more in detail? what is apache remote user? and about what methode "getRemoteUser" are you talking about?


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      solved !

      Apache remote user is an environment variable which is set by apache when you protect a virtualhost or a directory by using auth_basic, or any other auth module of Apache. It contains the userid of the user.

      You can access it from your application (in php, or java, etc...) to know who is using it.

      GetRemoteUser is the standard java method to get the remote user :

      Anyway, I have solve my problem : the problem was that when you use mod_cas (another auth module, used for sso) you must use a location directive in your vhost, and not a directory directive, if you want to get the environment variable.

      Next, the only thing you need to do to get the name of the remote user is to use getHeader ( remotecas ) (remote_user still don't work, but remotecas is ok).

      Once you have the remote user in, it's very easy to casify openxchange.

      What is cas :