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  • DRFOX (Duplicate Remover For Open-Xchange)


    to whom it may concern, I developed a web-based application to find and remove duplicated appointments in Open-Xchange. We are using it since last year and it works like a charm. I decided to release it as open source, because someone of you might be assailed by duplicates as well and is looking for an easy solution to get rid of them.

    Here is short description:

    DRFOX (Duplicate Remover For Open-Xchange) is web-based application, which provides an opportunity to find and remove duplicated appointments in Open-Xchange™ which primarily caused by misapplication or failures during the synchronization process with fat clients like Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop. Hence DRFOX ensures that the duplicates will also be removed in these fat clients and connected mobile devices as well.
    Every user of the groupware is able to login to DRFOX, however they will be distinguished between user and administrator. A user is only able to remove duplicates in his own and shared calendars. In the case of shared calendars the user has either restricted or unrestricted rights like specified in Open-Xchange. Administrators are in addition able to search
    for users and remove their duplicates, whereas they will not have any restrictions.

    DRFOX has been tested on Open-Xchange server versions ranging from 0.8.0-6 to 0.8.2 but it should work on versions up to current 0.8.8-0 as well.
    (Please drop me an email, if it works properly on 0.8.8-0.)

    DRFOX does not work on Express Editon and Hosting Edtion, it is considered to work on Community Edition / OX Server 5 based releases only.

    You can download DRFOX at