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  • translate to danish

    Hi, I would like to translate the webinterface into danish, but I cant figure out if im doing it the right way and how to import it back into the openexchange server.

    Translating isnt new for me, I have contributed with some translation for "Hmailserver" and "Synovel Spicebird" so I know the process, but I dont want to use my time on the technical process of extracting and importing the translation, just want to translate it.

    Anyone who can help me getting started.

    The reason for translating is that I want to change my current mailsetup to a linux based setup, and I think openexchange is a good solution for this. and ofcourse I need the interface in danish for my users.

    and this will be my way to give something back to the community.

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    thanks for your interest in translating! Have you checked out our guide at the wiki yet?



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      Should I I just translate the file


      and then someone in here could help me import it/make it importable as a danish translation?

      Because then I will start working on it.


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        Yeah have read it but this

        Before translating anything, it is recommended that the server and the GUI are installed as described in the installation tutorial. If translations are tested somewhere else, the server is not strictly necessary. In this case, only sections II.1, II.2, II.7, III.1, the Saxon library from section III.2, and section IV.4 of the tutorial are relevant.
        kinda made me give up.


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          well - compiling does require the sourcecode and some build setup which is not exactly easy for most people i admit. If you like, you could post the po file here and i'll build it to a importable translation file.



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            Great, do you need the file before (to prepare it) or after I have translated it?


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              I just need the translated .po files - if you want interim translations to check how it looks i could also build half-completed files.


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                thx for your help. i'll start translating and will get back to you when I have some ready.


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                  I have started to translate into danish.

                  I have translated allmost 20 % of the file (300+ lines of 1700+)

                  it can be donwloaded here:


                  I have tested it and works fine.


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                    nice job


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                      i havent forgot the project.

                      status is 800+ of 1700 lines.

                      File is at same location metioned in an earlier post.


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                        Danish translation - Basically done

                        Hi now my danish translation i basically done. still needs to be tested and read trough for miss spell etc. but else complete beside a few "error lines".

                        Get it here


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                          Great, thanks a lot!

                          Would you mind if we link it at

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                            Ofcourse it should be linked to the wiki.

                            For everbody to use.


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                              If you send us the .po file, we could put that into our i18n_community repository, which we plan to offer and later build packages with that translation available.