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IMAP troubles after upgrade to 6.16rev4

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  • IMAP troubles after upgrade to 6.16rev4


    I upgraded a working 6.14rev6 to 6.16rev4 from recent OpenSuse repository.
    While everything went very smoothly, there are some strange glitches with the IMAP functionality:

    1.) Authentification works, I can even view the folders & messages but clicking on Email icon (next to home icon) will results in this message box:

    The E-Mail module is not available
    Unable to establish a connection to the E-Mail server. Possible reasons: the mail server is (temporarily) down or there are network connection problems. To prevent further errors the module has been disabled. Please contact your administrator.

    But afterwards I can still browse/read emails. Interesting is that there is no relevant log message and I cannot see any IMAP trafic using tcpdump while error message appears.

    2.) Selecting "Subscribe folder" seems to hang up the webmail (whole window remains dark/busy)

    3.) The IMAP folders are not properly ordered anymore as they were before: now Inbox,Trash,. & other special folders are not on the top but sorted alphabetically among all other folders.

    Thanks in advance for your any help or hints where to look further, you did a great job with OX6 !

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    please uninstall the open-xchange-folder-json package, if installed. Then restart Open-Xchange Server. This package is not intended for productive usage (yet).



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      All Issues Solved !

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks a lot ! Removing that package solves all 3 imap issues listed above.

      Unfortunately, I misinterpreted the postings in other recent threads and first tried to deinstall and reinstall this package - which did not help. Did not expect this package is not needed at all.

      Is there some place where to look for a short description of each package including some info whether optional/nonoptional production/beta etc. ? I mean there are pretty much small packages at the moment and I could tell (aus dem Bauch her...) just for about 50% of these what they are really used for.


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        you can find an overview at the wiki:

        and the admin guide:

        All packages have a short description
        dpkg --info <package>.deb

        open-xchange-folder-json is an optional and experimental package. It's not part of our installation guides nor needed by any other package or installed as a dependency. With 6.14 it did nothing at all, with 6.16 it replaces some functionality which lead to this issue.