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open-xchange-groupware crashes sometimes during xen live migration

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  • open-xchange-groupware crashes sometimes during xen live migration


    we observe from time to time crash of the open-xchange-groupware java process, this seems to happen during xen live migration (open-xchange running in domU). It is interesting that only open-xchange-groupware crashes, open-xchange-admin did never crash.
    We submitted this to oracle, but could you please check the log whether it could be related to open-xchange code ?

    I'll try to attach the log below. Thanks !
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    additional info

    Seems to be an java migration issue. We have a newer xeon cpu on the main system and an older core2 cpu on the backup system. The crash will happen during migration towards xeon if the java process was initially started on newer xeon system. If the java process is initially created on core2 system, it can be migrated any times back and forth without crash. Seems like javavm is fiddling around with cpuid bits during startup to enable optimizations. But how to disable this or disable particular cpu features ?


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      We are also experiencing this kind of issue. The answer to sam's query might also solve our problem as well.


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        the part of the code which is affected by this, is very generic - i think Oracle won't have issues finding the culprit. The error seems to be at the operating system side of the JVM, not at the bytecode side. Their logging should give them every info they need.