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??openxchange configuration??

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  • ??openxchange configuration??

    Hi at all!

    I have a running server with postfix mysql and cyrus-imapd. I administrate the useraccounts wiht openmailadmin.
    Now i would like to use or better i say test openxchange.
    Do anybody now a good howto for this configuration best of all for Debian lenny.
    Should i use openldap with openxchange or can i use my running mysql database.
    What is the easiest way of configuration?

    Thank you for help.

    best regards

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    there are some installation guides and many other information on, just use this installation guide:

    There are several ways to authenticate users. LDAP, Database, IMAP or something completely custom. For your setup, you could try out the IMAP auth plugin so you don't need to configure your users passwords twice.



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      Wow! Thank you for this fast and very usefull response!
      I didnt know that this kind of plugin exist.
      Now i can login with the plugin but i have to create the user on cyrus and in openxchange.
      Is it possible that i have to create the user once in my mail system and give the credentials to openxchange?
      Should i look especially on any kind of configuration for security or something else.
      Thank you for your effort and the information!!!!

      best regards
      Patrik Plank


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        Hi Patrik,

        i suppose you're using some kind of administration tool for managing mail users. Perhaps you can add a call to the OX command line tools at your scripts. Sadly there is no way to create IMAP accounts from the OX server, but you can solve it with some scripting.