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[Solved] Problem installing Spanish packages

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  • [Solved] Problem installing Spanish packages

    Finally this subject is solved!
    I was using OX's repositories for Ubuntu server 10.04 (It is OX version It seems that the package open-xchange-gui-lang-es-es is empty, it only has /usr/share/doc/open-xchange-gui-lang-es-es/changelog.Debian.gz and copyright files. Repository at

    I search for a suitable package in Debian repositories at, I downloaded open-xchange-gui-lang-es-es_6.18.0.0-14_all.deb and installed it with dpkg -i. This package does have .js files at /var/www/ox6/3rdparty...etc.

    Is this a bug in OX version for Ubuntu?
    Will it be solved in the future so I can update packages via apt?

    Thank you

    PD: I've not been able to reply to the original thread. However, I think this information is important enough so I decided to post a new one. Sorry for the inconvenience!