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Understanding user authendication

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  • Understanding user authendication

    Hello everyone

    Here I am again asking for help to understand a few things.

    I created an account in order to see if I can connect to our IMAP server. But first I went to and put the IP addresses of the imap and smtp servers as shown below:

    # Primary mail server: e.g. or imap://
    # Only takes effect when property "com.openexchange.mail.mailServerSource" is set to "global"
    com.openexchange.mail.mailServer= IMAP-IP
    # Primary transport server: e.g. or smtp://
    # Only takes effect when property "com.openexchange.mail.transportServerSource" is set to "global"
    And also set both mail and transportServerSource to global as described in the file.

    Then created an account using:

    /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createuser -c 1 -A oxadmin -P secret -u user1 -p testpass -e ubygou01@domain --imaplogin ubygou01 --imapserver IP --smtpserver IP
    OX worked fine and managed to map all emails from server.

    When I logged in to OX I used:
    Username: user1
    Password: testpass

    So to login to OX Server I used a random username (user1) and my real imap password and emails worked fine. The only way I managed to connect to the IMAP server was if I use the imap password in the command line. Does that mean that I have to know the password of each user in order to create an account for them?

    Is there a setting I can change so that I can create accounts for actual users without knowing their passwords?

    Sorry for my long post.

    Many thanks

    P.S: Please if the above does not make a lot of sense let me know.
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    Hi Yanni,

    those global configuration settings for mail server and transport server usually don't make much sense if you specify imapserver and smtpserver per-user. Indeed the data provided when creating a user is used for logging in and accessing the users mailbox. You have to know the IMAP Password to create OX Accounts that work against an IMAP Server when authenticating against a database.

    We also offer an IMAP authentication bundle that passes the username and password from the login screen to the IMAP server for authentication. That way the administrator does not need to know the users IMAP password. Perhaps thats an alternative to you.



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      Thank you for your reply Martin,

      That cleared a few things in my head I will install the bundle and see how it goes.
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        I tried to install open-xchange-authentication-imap

        and I got the following depsolving problem:

        Setting up Install Process
        Resolving Dependencies
        --> Running transaction check
        ---> Package open-xchange-authentication-imap.noarch 0: set to be updated
        --> Processing Conflict: open-xchange-authentication-imap conflicts open-xchange-authentication-database
        --> Finished Dependency Resolution
        open-xchange-authentication-imap- from ox has depsolving problems
          --> open-xchange-authentication-imap conflicts with open-xchange-authentication-database
        Error: open-xchange-authentication-imap conflicts with open-xchange-authentication-database
         You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem
         You could try running: package-cleanup --problems
                                package-cleanup --dupes
                                rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest

        Should I skip it?
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          only one authentication plugin can be used at the same time. You can either use database authentication OR imap authentication.



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            I will remove the database authentication package and then install open-xchange-authentication-imap

            Thanks a lot for your help. Really appreciated.