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Open-xchange issue with SMTPS

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  • Open-xchange issue with SMTPS

    Hi, i have upgrade to Version : 6.20.0 Rev5 and now Im not able to sent mails by using smtps. it gives me an error saying: Error: no transport provider could be found for protocol/URL "smtpss://...

    Ive seen in "Release Notes for Public PTF (2011-04-07)", that there is a fix for this, which is not available for my repo until now.
    --> from Release-Note:
    18824 Cannot find provider smtpss://... when using SMTPS
    The problem is caused by a coding problem setting the protocol twice,
    once with removed S at the end when secure protocol is used and
    afterwards again with the trailing S. The second set is superfluous and
    removed by the fix.
    No potential side effects.
    could anyone please tell me the fix, that i would be able to sent again mails over ox?

    thanx mardoc

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    the fix is only contained in the Hotfix (PTF) right now which is available to maintenance subscribers, we're planning another public Hotfix release for 6.20 at mid/end of April.
    As a workaround, you could use TLS for SMTP which also allows encryption and runs on the default port (25). Just set the smtpserver parameter of the user to the plain IP and OX will initiate TLS if the SMTPd announces it.
    Third option is using the packages from the "snapshot" repository. Those packages always represent the latest development state.

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      Thanx for your feedback.
      Have changed it and hope that the fix is available soon.

      Great job!

      kind regards