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Problem with folder caching when I add new users to group

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  • Problem with folder caching when I add new users to group

    Hi. I have installed open-xchange- in CentOS 5.5.
    At the moment, we mainly used it for sharing documents. Each group of users have several folders where they upload files.
    But, when new members are added to a group, they have to wait for five minutes to the folders asociated with their groups appear in the panel (in addition to have to logout and login again).

    I guess it is related to the parameter MaxLifeSeconds of the JCS caches. However, I could not find out what cache in the cache.ccf files is involved (will be possibly several?).
    I have disabled folder cache in and have modified timeouts in cache.ccf and I have only succeed when I have deleted all cache regions except the default one. But this is not recommended.

    Could you give me any clues to get reduce the refresh time for the folders accesible by each user.

    Best regards.

    Excuse me. Probably I have mistaked the forum.
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    the caches are updated once a change happens. So assigning permissions or sharing folders in general works immediately. The user only has to reload the folder tree or perhaps even press F5 once. Since the GUI does not support push, there is no other way.
    cache.ccf is for JCS, remote caches, and the cache between admindaemon and groupware - not for the folder cache alone.



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      Hello. Thank you for your answer.
      The change we do is to add a new user to a group. The permissions, once they are been assigned to that group to the folder are not modified.
      I think you refer to the refresh button when you say "reload the folder". The tree don't change when you press it. And if you refresh the page through the key F5 of the navigator, you go out to the login page.



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        yeah you're right - it works fine for me when sharing to users directly. I guess we're not triggering a cache invalidation if a user has been added to a group since the group is at the folder permissions - not the user directly. Feel free to report this through if you like. There is no need to change any configuration files, guess it's just a concept issue or even by intention to avoid sacrificing performance.