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can't login to ox.. 404 not found error

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  • can't login to ox.. 404 not found error

    I have just installed new open xchange and configured cyrus and pam and nss and i ther restarted and tried the ox login and I have entred my oxadmin password and i clikked login, but a strange error is displayed in a dialog box.

    felermeldung : 404 not found
    and the apache2 log file has an error:
    [Sat Aug 04 19:50:22 2007] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/ajax, referer:
    looks like ajax directory is missing

    and i looked for this directory in the /tmp/open-exchange-gui/
    but there is no such dir... strange...

    what could this be?? please help!!!
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    /ajax is no directory but a servlet interface. This servlet is provided by the apache webserver in combination with mod_jk and is used to transfer all kinds of groupware data from the server to the web interface and vice versa. Żou need to configure apache and mod_jk to work with the groupware server. This is described at the wiki at part:

    If this configuration is correct, you should get the following when accessing http://your-server.tld/ajax/

    "Cannot find class mapping for ajax/" but no 404 or 500 error message

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