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Update to snapshot Version : 6.20.1 Rev0 (2011-12-07 21:42:44)

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  • Update to snapshot Version : 6.20.1 Rev0 (2011-12-07 21:42:44)

    kills the connection to mail server (main mail acccount).

    Update according the hints - additional dist-upgrade for debian

    Any idea?


    PHP Code:

    1. 08.12.2011 14
    :41 GMT

    Unerwarteter FehlerNot connected (MSG-0000, -496735018-126)

    2. 08.12.2011 14:41 GMT

    Unerwarteter FehlerNot connected (FLD-1001, -496735018-125)


    DateThu Dec 8 15:41:36 UTC+0100 2011


    Version6.20.1 Rev0 (UI), 6.20.1-Rev0 (Server)

    BrowserMozilla/5.0 (compatibleMSIE 9.0Windows NT 6.1WOW64Trident/5.0SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729Media Center PC 6.0; .NET4.0C)


    ModulemailViewmail/hsplit/unthreadedFolderdefault0/INBOX, Default foldersinfostore=28tasks=27contacts=26calendar=25Landing pagemailTree: New, ExpertNoLanguagede_DE


    Loaded modules

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    -Mail versenden 

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    Ok - problem is fixed with version: Version : 6.20.1 Rev0 (2011-12-08 21:42:53)

    with best regards


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      After an OX update from the snapshot rep my OX installation is broken since last week - unable to login. Last update today - new packages available - but login is still not possible.

      Any idea:


      Error message:
      LGI-0005 Category=5 Message=Login not possible at the moment. Please try again later. exceptionID=-248896163-5
      at com.openexchange.authentication.exception.LoginExc eptionFactory.createException(LoginExceptionFactor
      at com.openexchange.authentication.exception.LoginExc eptionFactory.createException(LoginExceptionFactor
      at com.openexchange.exceptions.Exceptions.create(Exce
      at com.openexchange.exceptions.Exceptions.create(Exce
      at com.openexchange.authentication.LoginExceptionCode s.create(
      at com.openexchange.login.internal.LoginPerformer.doL ogin(
      at com.openexchange.login.internal.LoginPerformer.doL ogin(
      at com.openexchange.ajax.Login.doLogin( )
      at com.openexchange.ajax.Login$1.handleRequest(Login. java:181)
      at com.openexchange.ajax.Login.doJSONAuth( 725)
      at com.openexchange.ajax.Login.doGet(
      at com.openexchange.ajax.Login.doPost(
      at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet .java:727)
      at com.openexchange.ajax.AJAXServlet.service(AJAXServ
      at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet .java:820)
      at com.openexchange.ajp13.coyote.AjpProcessor.process (
      at com.openexchange.ajp13.coyote.sockethandler.Coyote
      at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask$Sync.innerRun(Futu
      at a:166)
      at com.openexchange.threadpool.internal.CustomThreadP oolExecutor$Worker.runTask(CustomThreadPoolExecuto
      at com.openexchange.threadpool.internal.CustomThreadP oolExecutor$ va:776)
      Caused by: SRV-0001 Category=4 Message=The required service com.openexchange.authentication.AuthenticationServ ice is temporary not available. Please try -4
      at com.openexchange.authentication.service.Authentica tion.login(
      at com.openexchange.login.internal.LoginPerformer.doL ogin(
      ... 16 more

      Installed packages:
      ii open-xchange Open-Xchange server scripts and configuration
      ii open-xchange-activation Bundled version of the Java Activation Framework
      ii open-xchange-admin Open Xchange Admin Daemon containing commandline tools and provisioning interface
      ii open-xchange-admin-client The Open Xchange Admin Daemon RMI client library
      ii open-xchange-admin-doc Documentation for the Open Xchange RMI client library.
      ii open-xchange-admin-lib The Open Xchange Admin Daemon Bundle client library
      ii open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting Open Xchange Admin Hosting Plugin
      ii open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-client The Open Xchange Admin Hosting RMI client library
      ii open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-doc Documentation for the Open Xchange RMI client library.
      ii open-xchange-admin-plugin-hosting-lib The Open Xchange Admin Hosting Bundle client library
      ii open-xchange-ajp The Open-Xchange AJP bundle
      ii open-xchange-authentication-database The Open-Xchange Database Authentication
      ii open-xchange-authorization-standard Default Open-Xchange Authorization implementation
      ii open-xchange-cache The Open-Xchange Server Caching Bundle
      ii open-xchange-calendar Calendar Module
      ii open-xchange-calendar-printing Printing calendars via templating
      ii open-xchange-charset charset bundle
      ii open-xchange-common jar files and OSGi bundles commonly used by all open-xchange packages
      ii open-xchange-config-cascade The Open-Xchange Server Config Cascade Bundle
      ii open-xchange-config-cascade-context The Open-Xchange Server Config Cascade Bundle
      ii open-xchange-config-cascade-user The Open-Xchange Server Config Cascade Bundle
      ii open-xchange-configjump-generic The Open-Xchange generic ConfigJump
      ii open-xchange-configjump-generic-gui The Open-Xchange generic ConfigJump GUI component
      ii open-xchange-configread The Open-Xchange Server Config Bundle
      ii open-xchange-contactcollector The contact collector collects eMail addresses in a custom contact folder
      ii open-xchange-control The Open-Xchange Server Control Bundle
      ii open-xchange-conversion The Open-Xchange Conversion Bundle
      ii open-xchange-conversion-engine The Open-Xchange Conversion Engine Bundle
      ii open-xchange-conversion-servlet The Open-Xchange Conversion Servlet
      ii open-xchange-crypto Provides cryptography services to bundles in the OX server
      ii open-xchange-data-conversion-ical4j The Open-Xchange data conversion iCal4j implementation
      ii open-xchange-dataretention The Open-Xchange Server Data Retention Bundle
      ii open-xchange-file-storage The Open-Xchange File Storage Bundle
      ii open-xchange-file-storage-composition The Open-Xchange File Storage Composition Bundle
      ii open-xchange-file-storage-config The Open-Xchange File Storage Config Bundle
      ii open-xchange-file-storage-generic The Open-Xchange File Storage Generic Bundle
      ii open-xchange-file-storage-infostore The Open-Xchange File Storage Infostore Bundle
      ii open-xchange-file-storage-json The Open-Xchange File Storage JSON Bundle
      ii open-xchange-folder-json The Open-Xchange folder JSON interface bundle
      ii open-xchange-frontend-uwa Management of UWA Widgets
      ii open-xchange-frontend-uwa-json The Open-Xchange File Storage JSON Bundle
      ii open-xchange-genconf The Open-Xchange Server Generic Configuration Bundle
      ii open-xchange-genconf-mysql Stores a set of generic options in the mysql database
      ii open-xchange-global global bundle
      ii open-xchange-group-managerequest The Open-Xchange Server Group Management Request Bundle
      ii open-xchange-gui Package containing the AJAX gui
      ii open-xchange-gui-loading-theme-default Package containing the default loading theme
      ii open-xchange-gui-login-theme-default Package containing the default login theme
      ii open-xchange-gui-themes-default Package containing the default themes
      ii open-xchange-gui-wizard-plugin Open-Xchange GUI Wizard Server Plug-In.
      ii open-xchange-gui-wizard-plugin-gui Open-Xchange GUI Wizard Plug-In.
      ii open-xchange-html The Open-Xchange HTML Bundle
      ii open-xchange-http-deferrer The Open-Xchange Deferrer Servlet
      ii open-xchange-i18n The Open-Xchange i18n Bundle
      ii open-xchange-imap The Open-Xchange Server IMAP Bundle
      ii open-xchange-jcharset jcharset bundle
      ii open-xchange-logging The Open-Xchange Logging Configuration
      rc open-xchange-mailfilter Open Xchange Mailfilter Plugin
      ii open-xchange-management The Open-Xchange Management Bundle
      ii open-xchange-messaging The Open-Xchange Messaging Bundle
      ii open-xchange-messaging-facebook The Open-Xchange Messaging Facebook Bundle
      ii open-xchange-messaging-generic The Open-Xchange Messaging Generic Bundle
      ii open-xchange-messaging-json The Open-Xchange Messaging JSON Bundle
      ii open-xchange-messaging-rss The Open-Xchange Messaging RSS Bundle
      ii open-xchange-messaging-twitter The Open-Xchange Messaging Twitter Bundle
      ii open-xchange-meta-admin The Open-Xchange Meta package for User/Group Provisioning
      ii open-xchange-meta-gui The Open-Xchange Meta package for OX GUI
      ii open-xchange-meta-messaging The Open-Xchange Meta package for Messaging
      ii open-xchange-meta-pubsub The Open-Xchange Meta package for Publish and Subscribe
      ii open-xchange-meta-server The Open-Xchange Meta package for OX Backend
      ii open-xchange-meta-singleserver The Open-Xchange Meta package for OX on a single server
      ii open-xchange-modules-json The Open-Xchange generic JSON interface bundle
      ii open-xchange-modules-model Base classes for attribute based programming
      ii open-xchange-modules-storage Helper classes for common storage tasks
      ii open-xchange-monitoring The Open-Xchange Monitoring Bundle
      ii open-xchange-oauth OAuth Service
      ii open-xchange-oauth-facebook Facebook via OAuth for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-oauth-json The Open-Xchange OAuth JSON interface bundle
      ii open-xchange-oauth-linkedin LinkedIn via OAuth for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-oauth-msn WindowsLive / MSN via OAuth for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-oauth-twitter Twitter via OAuth for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-online-help-de transitional dummy package
      ii open-xchange-online-help-de-de Package containing german OX online help
      ii open-xchange-online-help-en transitional dummy package
      ii open-xchange-online-help-en-us Package containing english OX online help
      ii open-xchange-online-help-fr transitional dummy package
      ii open-xchange-online-help-fr-fr Package containing french OX online help
      ii open-xchange-passwordchange-database The Open-Xchange Password Change Database Bundle
      ii open-xchange-passwordchange-servlet The Open-Xchange Password Change Servlet
      ii open-xchange-pop3 The Open-Xchange Server POP3 Bundle
      ii open-xchange-proxy The Open-Xchange Proxy Bundle
      ii open-xchange-proxy-servlet The Open-Xchange Proxy Servlet Bundle
      ii open-xchange-publish Interfaces defining the OX publication API
      ii open-xchange-publish-basic Basic OSGi based implementation of the publication infrastructure
      ii open-xchange-publish-infostore-online Publishes a single infostore document externally
      ii open-xchange-publish-json HTTP-API Interface implementation for publication services
      ii open-xchange-publish-microformats Publishes a set of objects in OXMF externally
      ii open-xchange-push The Open-Xchange Push Bundle
      ii open-xchange-push-udp The Open-Xchange Server Push UDP Bundle
      ii open-xchange-report-client Open-Xchange reporting client.
      ii open-xchange-resource-managerequest The Open-Xchange Server Resource Manage Request Bundle
      ii open-xchange-secret Creates plugin architecture for supplying the application with secret strings used for encryption and decrypt
      ii open-xchange-secret-recovery Recovery for saved encrypted strings when changing the secret.
      ii open-xchange-secret-recovery-json Recovery for saved encrypted strings when changing the secret in Mail Accounts.
      ii open-xchange-secret-recovery-mail Recovery for saved encrypted strings when changing the secret in Mail Accounts.
      ii open-xchange-server The Open-Xchange Server Bundle
      ii open-xchange-sessiond The Open-Xchange Server Session Daemon
      ii open-xchange-settings-extensions The Open-Xchange Settings Extensions
      ii open-xchange-smtp The Open-Xchange Server SMTP Bundle
      ii open-xchange-spamhandler-default The Open-Xchange Default Spam Handler
      ii open-xchange-sql SQL Builder API
      ii open-xchange-subscribe Basic OSGi based implementation of the subscription infrastructure
      ii open-xchange-subscribe-crawler Subscribe Crawler feeds
      ii open-xchange-subscribe-facebook Facebook Subscription Source for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-subscribe-json HTTP-API Interface implementation for subscription services
      ii open-xchange-subscribe-linkedin LinkedIn Subscription Source for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-subscribe-microformats Subscribe Microformat feeds
      ii open-xchange-subscribe-msn MSN Subscription Source for Open-Xchange Server 6
      ii open-xchange-templating Provides access to the templating subsystem
      ii open-xchange-templating-base Provides access to template names via the HTTP-API
      ii open-xchange-templating-json Provides access to template names via the HTTP-API
      ii open-xchange-threadpool The Open-Xchange Thread Pool Bundle
      ii open-xchange-twitter The Open-Xchange Twitter Bundle
      ii open-xchange-tx Transaction Services
      ii open-xchange-unifiedinbox The Open-Xchange Server Unified INBOX Bundle
      ii open-xchange-user-json The Open-Xchange user JSON interface bundle
      ii open-xchange-xerces-sun Xerces Compat for Sun Java
      ii open-xchange-xml XML Services
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        The latest version : 6.20.1 Rev0 (2012-01-02 21:42:31)
        ...solved my login problem. But i will stop to use the snapshot repository - this is too much bleeding edge.