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Disable webmail feature and problem with notfications config

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  • Disable webmail feature and problem with notfications config

    Hi everyone,

    I'm french, so I hope you will understand my english and could help me :S

    I'm looking for a groupware which have planning features (participants, disponibility, etc.) for plan meetings and a document repository for versionning and document centralization.

    OpenXchange is the most close to my needs, but I have two problems with it.

    I want to completely disable the webmail feature because I don't use it. There is a lock on the icon, which is good, but I have error message about mail which appears on the login and some times.
    So I would like to completely disable the feature and if possible don't see the icon.
    Is it possible?

    My second problem is the mail notification when I plan a meeting: I never receive de mail. I've installed sendmail on the server and in CLI, I could send an e-mail. But in openxchange, I don't see where the configuration is for the notifications mails.
    There a file somewhere or other config to do?

    Thanks for your help

    Best regards,


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    Hi, to disable the mailpart completly does not make sence. The mailpart of a groupware-solution is mail. ;-)
    User who use the ox-server are first of all local Users. Notifications to these users will be delivered local. What you can do: install the imap-part with a sieve-filter and put rules for each user to forward mails external. Or take care of postfix to transport all mails to another location.

    HTH, Dirk