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Witch modules are supported?

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  • Witch modules are supported?


    What I have read the cmd list with all the createuser options but
    witch modules are realy supported in hyperion at this time in the CVS version?
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    i did not tested this with the community edition, but the following options should be supported in term of "are available".




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      ar the modules like forum and projects gone be availeble in the community edition ?
      and is there a possebility to intergrad smartsieve?
      and is it normal thed when i ad a user with create user that i manualle have to add the addresses in the mysql table address_mappings?

      i know its a lot of quistions in bad english, sorry for that!
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        forums and projects are currently not implemented, those switches are just spare if the module will be added. What do you mean with sieve integration? Of course you can do all kind of magic with sieve at the cyrus imap/pop3 server - but sieve is not implemented yet at the Open-Xchange server. Mailboxes are handled transparent by the server, it just behaves like a IMAP client.
        The table address_mappings is used for general aliases, for example for IMAP folders which own their E-Mail address. For E-Mail aliases of users, you can add various aliases as parameters of the command line tools.

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          i used the comunity installer on opensuse 10.2 dan it adds the user with

          /opt/open-xchange/sbin/createuser -A oxadmin -P secret -c 1 -u testuser -d "Test User" -s "User" -g "Test" -p secret -e

          i replaced this with mij own email and username

          and also i aded mij own maildomain at oxinstaller .
          local mail works but i cant resieve mail from the internet begause postfix cant fine anything in the tabels where it looking.
          when i manualy at it to mysql i can resieve mail from the internet.


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            Yep, the option to configure the maildomain at the community installer has only been implemented at the debian script so far. You may modify the SuSE script for that, it's just one or two lines where is used. You need also modify the postfix/cyrus configuration afterwards.


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              thankx for the hinds