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  • ox rewrite

    hello folks

    please anybody help me

    my problem is that ox rewrite my file so my mailserver does not function in the right way

    i seen that ox rewrite the file if i saved new mail settings in admin menue

    where can i stop this!!!!



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    Simple answer: Stop using the admin interface.

    Pretty and useable user interfaces have the big advantage to show complex data in a simple way to make it much better configurable. That is why many people liked to have a public available Admin GUI. But to achieve simplicity for the user, the stuff that the user does not want to do (manual configuration), needs to be done by the application itself.
    If you are a experienced admin (what i do think) you'll also be able to administer your server via the console, OX contains various command line tools that do nearly the same job than the admin ui but with more possibilities to integrate to existing environments.


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      ok i accepted this

      but i think that ox have to change and when i checked mailscan on or off and not even i saved because i changed an maildomain adress

      and if you do in this way nobody could you use an alternate configuration like youres

      in my fault i use spamassassin with amavis and not with procmail

      above all i have to say that i find the admin tool very good
      and i enjoy your work

      it would be enough if a change take effect on and only in this case i update the mailscan and not if i save an change on maildomains