Hi all,

i am new to OX and i am using a hosted OX-mailbox at a german hosting provider. (Their support has no idea)

On Win 7 64 i installed OXUpdater and OXtender so that i end up with a working OX-Account in Outlook 2010. I than opened a .PST in this "OX-Outlook-Profile" and Drag 'n Dropped 4.000 Calendar-entrys from the local .PST in the calendar of the OX-Account in Outlook.
This ended up with a "loop" so that after a few hours i had 20.000 calendar entrys on the OX-Server, all appointments 5 times and counting. The support of the hoster said i have to use the OXUploader wo upload stuff from .PST to OX-Account. I did so and it worked indeed.

So, now with Outlook 2010 and the working OX-Account, i did add a IMAP-Mailaccount to Outlook. This works smooth so far. May i now drag n drop eMails arriving in the IMAP-Account Inbox to the OX-Account, or will this result in a "loop of death" again?
I believe to use IMAP and OX in one Outlook-Profile at the same time is used by many people very common?

Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance