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  • best practice user quotas for email

    hello every1,
    i am trying to build a new groupware server with open-xchange and dovecot, which works almost just fine. but i am having some trouble to setup the user quota for dovecot.

    since i am using the passdb over mysql to use the same userdatabase which uses open-xchange i am note sure how i can implement the userdb's extra field for dovecot (i am using static userdb to get uid, gid, and home)?

    should i add an extra row to the database-table and user userdb over mysql? or can i use an existing database field for the dovecot user quota?

    or can i use an extra textfile to list quotas for users, while using static userdb?

    how are u guys working around this?

    appreciate any tipps and hints...

    which u all a nice and sunny day

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    The OX database is not really the best way for user management since it only knows things relevant for OX.

    So in practice you are always using an external database or directory service to do the user management and password services.
    If you change the database tables of OX you will run into severe trouble at least in future. And actually it's not even trivial to use the OX database because of its sharding nature to support multiple schemas and even database instances.

    So sorry, I don't have an easy out of the box solution. OX for UCS might be an option though because it integrates everything under a central user management.