hello every1,

we installed open-xchange 7.8.1 on a postfix/dovecot/debian8.
the only issue we have, is the fulltext-seach on the addressbook.
at our other (older) ox-server (7.8.0) the fulltext-search works perfectly!!

for example: filling out the recipient for an email only needs a few letters out of the name: for the email "john.doe@example.org" to pop up, i only need to write "ohn".

at the new installed server (7.8.1). it won't work. i have to write "john" to get the email "john.doe@example.org" to pop up.

i compared each setting of the 2 servers... everything is the same!!!

anybody an idea?

i'd appreciate any help!!!!

which every1 a nice and sunny day!!!