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Send an encrypted mail to an alias

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  • Send an encrypted mail to an alias

    I use OX GUARD and have difficulty working and understanding. My problem is:
    How to send an encrypted mail to an offset address as an alias
    for example
    User1: user1 @, test @
    User2: user2 @, test @
    User3: user3 @, test @
    We want to send an email to
    Question 1:
    What encryption key is used when sending mail to
    How can user1, user2, user3 read the mail? What private key is used?
    For information the versions used are:
    thank you in advance

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    I do not think what you try is even possible.
    OX does not allow non-unique mail addresses and aliases and even if you could provision them in different contexts which might be possible your setup will always be "undefined" IMHO.
    If you want to use an (external) distribution list which sends a mail to multiple users Guard could not detect the target mailbox and would create a guest account on the sender site and a new key. Unless one of the users changes the password for the guest account all users should have access to the guest mail.


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      thank you for your reply ;
      If I understand correctly I do not assign the same alias to several users, even if this address is used only when receiving

      /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser -c 1 -A XXXX -P yyyy -u user1 -a user1@,
      /opt/open-xchange/sbin/changeuser -c 1 -A XXXX -P yyyy -u user2 -a user2@,

      The address replaces the internal mailing lists. This address will not be used for sending