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    Is there a way to use the same Domain for Mailboxes in different contexts?
    The Mailbox name in OX and the login name should be the full E-Mail address (
    Background: I want to create different workgroups, which should have their own global address book. So I’ve tried to create different contexts, one for each workgroup. But I couldn’t add the same Domain as login mapping for different contexts.
    If there is no way do use the same domain as loginmapping fpr different contexts, is it possible to remove the loginmapping and use the full email address for the lookup over all contexts?
    I use open-xchange-authentication-imap for authentication.

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dieselbe Domain für Mailboxen in verschiedenen contexten zu verwenden?
    Der Mailboxname und der Loginname soll die ganze E-Mail Adresse sein (
    Hintergrund: Ich möchte verschiedene Arbeitsgruppen, die jeweils ihr eigenes „globales Adressbuch“ haben. Ich habe versucht für jede Gruppe einen eigenen Context zu erstellen, jedoch kann ich die Domain nur für einen Context als loginmapping verwenden.
    Falls es nicht möglich ist, dass man eine Domain als loginmapping für verschiedene Contexte zu verwenden, ist es möglich kein Loginmapping zu verwenden und die E-Mail Adresse über alle Contexe zu suchen?
    Zur Benutzerauthentifizierung verwende ich open-xchange-authentication-imap.

    THX&Kind Regards

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    This scenario should work since some 7.8.x version:
    # Define if the internal context-name matches the full login string or just the domain part;
    # meaning the context is supposed to be queried using "user@domain" instead of "domain".
    # Note: This property is only effective if "USE_MULTIPLE" is set to "true"
    # Default is false

    In that case the context needs to be mapped with the full email addresses instead of just the domain name.


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      Thank you for your answer!

      As I understand, the loginmapping must be the full email address.
      Does this mean, that each email address must have its own context?


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        Yes for the first statement.
        No for the second since you can have a long list of loginmappings per context.


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          Thank you Wolfgang, this would be a good solution for my use case
          I've tried to add an email address as loginmapping to my context, but I got the following error:
          "Illegal chars: "@" in login mapping"

          I searched for an configuration option to change the allowed chars and found only CHECK_CONTEXT_LOGIN_MAPPING_REGEXP in, but this config file doesn't exist.
          Is there another option?

          I'm using OX Version 7.8.4 Rev6
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            The property is the correct one which needs to be modified to allow @.

            /opt/open-xchange/etc/plugin/ which is delivered from the package open-xchange-admin so you should have it.