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    I've installed ox 7.8.4 on Debian 9.4.
    After that i installed the language packages.
    I've now a lot of language-po-files in /opt/open-xchange/i18n.
    If i go to localhost on my browser and login as oxadmin, there is only english and no other language available.

    So i think, i have to do anything else to activate the other languages. But what do i have to do exactly?

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    Have you installed also the UI language packages?
    As an example for de-DE I have the following installed:
    open-xchange-l10n-de-de - middleware translations (required)
    open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-de-de - App Suite frontend translations (required)
    open-xchange-drive-help-de-de - Drive (clients) online help (optional)
    open-xchange-appsuite-help-de-de - App Suite online help (optional)
    open-xchange-gui-l10n-de-de - OX6 frontend translations (optional with OX6 use)
    open-xchange-guard-help-de-de - Guard online help (optional)
    open-xchange-online-help-de-de - OX6 online help (optional)


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      Thank you Wolfgang!
      Now i had time to follow your instructions.

      The problem was the missing
      open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-de-de - App Suite frontend translations (required)
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