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debian : apt update / upgrade => mixture 7.8.4 and 7.10.x

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  • peko

    I'm still not sure, if this situation should be possible. Yes, I used the wrong repos (from the documentation), but then the system
    should update to 7.10.x completely or deny the update (unresolved dependencies).

    So I did the following to repair the system.

    *) stopped all services (open-xchange,apache, mysql)

    *) replace all repos in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/open-xchange.list # something like sed 's/stable/7.8.4/g' open-xchange.list - but check the path!

    *) dpkg -l | grep open-xchan | grep 7.10 > Bad_files

    *) Replace the 7.10. packages with 7.8.4 packages : "apt-get install $Bad_files=7.8.4-36"
    it has to be done manually and you have to look for the right version ("apt-cache madison $Bad_files")

    *) Dump on the productive system the database and import it on the "new" system

    *) sync the file store

    *) reboot - and everything should be fine again - at least for me.

    Bye, Peer

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  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
    a) because you most likely are using unversioned repos called "stable"?

    b) repairing could be a mess. If you cannot restore a backup you need to bring all packages to latest 7.8.4 (changing the repos to 7.8.4 specifically)
    If you are lucky everything almost works again. There are good chances but at the same time the next time you would like to upgrade to 7.10.x you need to be even more careful since there are update tasks involved especially for calendar which probably were running already and migrated data into the new structure. I guess you need to manually repeat this procedure to get current calendar changes after an upgrade.

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  • debian : apt update / upgrade => mixture 7.8.4 and 7.10.x

    I'm preparing an update of our old open xchange. The new system is using debian and OX 7.8.4. Today I wanted to install
    the latest updates. Now I found a mixture of 7.8.4 and 7.10.x packages. Some of the 7.10. stuff is not getting installed.

    a) Why is 7.10. automatically installed (I did not change the sources!) ?

    b) How can I repair the installation ?
    On Monday I wanted to replace our old open-xchange, but this is now not possible. The system is not working (calendar are missing,....).

    Everything prepared, downtime announced and only shi....

    Bye, Peer

    root@cal:~# dpkg -l | grep open-xcha | cut -c 1-60
    ii  open-xchange                                7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-admin                          7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite                       7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-backend               7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-help-common           7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-help-de-de            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-help-en-us            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-cs-cz            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-de-de            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-en-us            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-es-es            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-es-mx            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-fr-ca            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-fr-fr            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-hu-hu            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-it-it            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-ja-jp            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-lv-lv            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-nl-nl            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-pl-pl            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-ro-ro            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-sk-sk            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-zh-cn            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-l10n-zh-tw            7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-appsuite-manifest              7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-authentication-ldap            7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-authorization-standard         7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-caldav                         7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-calendar-printing              7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-carddav                        7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-client-onboarding              7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-core                           7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-dav                            7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-documentconverter-api          7.8.4-6     
    ii  open-xchange-documents-backend              7.8.4-8     
    ii  open-xchange-documents-help-common          7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-documents-help-de-de           7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-documents-templates            7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-documents-ui                   7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-documents-ui-common            7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-documents-ui-editors           7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-documents-ui-static            7.10.0-8    
    ii  open-xchange-drive                          7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-drive-client-windows           7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-drive-client-windows-generic   2.4.3-1     
    ii  open-xchange-drive-help-common              2.2.0-1     
    ii  open-xchange-drive-help-de-de               2.2.0-1     
    ii  open-xchange-drive-help-en-us               2.2.0-1     
    ii  open-xchange-eas                            7.8.4-5     
    ii  open-xchange-eas-provisioning-core          7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-eas-provisioning-mail          7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-file-distribution              7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-freebusy                       7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-grizzly                        7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-halo                           7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-imap                           7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-cs-cz                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-de-de                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-en-us                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-es-es                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-es-mx                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-fr-ca                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-fr-fr                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-hu-hu                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-it-it                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-ja-jp                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-lv-lv                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-nl-nl                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-pl-pl                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-ro-ro                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-sk-sk                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-zh-cn                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-l10n-zh-tw                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-linkedin                       7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-mailfilter                     7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-messaging                      7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-messaging-sms                  7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-meta-messaging                 7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-meta-mobility                  7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-meta-ui-appsuite               7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-config                  7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-configuration-generator 7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json      7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-oauth                          7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-osgi                           7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-pns-impl                       7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-realtime-core                  7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-realtime-json                  7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-report-client                  7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-sessionstorage-hazelcast       7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-smtp                           7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-spamhandler-default            7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-subscribe                      7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-system                         7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-unifiedmail                    7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-usm                            7.8.4-3     
    ii  open-xchange-webdav-acl                     7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-webdav-directory               7.10.0-10   
    ii  open-xchange-xerces                         7.8.4-35    
    ii  open-xchange-xing-json                      7.8.4-35