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    i got the mailXchange from 1und1.

    I've a csv file with a lot of contacts. How could i import the csv file into my contacts from mailXchange (openexchange) ?



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    Currently, the only way I know of would be to import them into Outlook, use the Outlook Oxtender and sync them over there. If you work for a company, it is urgent and you either have the Outlook Oxtender or are willing to buy it, that would be the way.

    Or you could wait until the Importer and Exporter functions are integrated into 1und1 MailXchange. They are currently in the open-source repository and I figure they'll be in MailExchange, soon (well, I know when it comes, but I don't know if I may tell, so let's stay with "soon").

    If your CSV file is not from Outlook, you'll have to change the file to use the column titles used in either Outlook (if importing as an Outlook CSV file) or the OX format (if importing as normal CSV file). The names and IDs of the rows can be found in Module Contact, general information on how it works in the open-source version can be found here: Using the import servlet. I guess that the GUI team will build us a nice GUI until ...soon... but just in case.

    If you have any problems getting it to work ...soon..., just ask me. I am looking to make a better guide to using those two servlets. User input will make it more usable, I guess. ;-)

    Kind regards,