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  • Xen image of Open-xchange

    Hi all,

    I'm sure, this is a often asked question. Why is the openxchange installation such uncomfortable ? It's a quite heavy work to get it running, my collegue for example failed.
    Open-xchange is a great tool and very usefull, but I'm waiting for an installer, which does all the work. Upgrades seem also to be quite difficult and I fear data loss, when doing it.

    I know there is a vmware installation, but unfortunately I use Xen. Is there a intention to provide a Xen image as well? I would appreciate it.


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    When considering the experiences we had with OX 5 I'd say that things are bound to get easier sometime soon. Eventually some people start to integrate the OX with the packaging system of their favourite distro. Something they are obviously uniquely qualified to do (What do I know of ebuilds ?!? ) and eventually installing OX: CE will be as easy as typing 'emerge open-xchange-ce' or 'apt-get install open-xchange-ce' or 'rpm -i open-xchange-ce.rpm' or 'yast2 ... click ... click ... resolve dependencies ... click ... click ... swear ... click ... abort ... install from source according to wiki article'. But this is bound to take some time.