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Installation server OX6 Issues

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  • Installation server OX6 Issues

    I am trying to install a production email server to my company. I saw the GUI interface and it likes to my boss .
    So we want to install it there. I am using debian 4 etch using this link

    but i dont know if this instalation has email server. I think this only is the GUI interface . Isnt it?

    I want to install everything for my email. I tested the version not free and I like it.
    The question is this link has all instructions to install a complete email server with GUI interface??

    Else where can I find information about how to install a server email.

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    Open-Xchange is a Groupware which contains client functionality for E-Mail (would not make much sense without). The Software is based on server components and the GUI (which is what you boss sees). The GUI cannot do anything without the Open-Xchange Server backend - please note that Open-Xchange is NOT a mailserver, it can be integrated to existing or new E-Mail servers using IMAP and SMTP. So you need to run the server components to use the Groupware with the E-Mail backend.
    The installation manuals are about the groupware+gui+administration tools, not about setting up a E-Mail server. There are many good tutorials to set up IMAP/SMTP and user management, we dropped that at the guides because it will never fit the specific needs of someone who is implementing the system. Besides that Open-Xchange is a integration product, not a replace-anything-you-already-have product. You could use your existing mailservers (even if they're hosted somewhere else) and add the Open-Xchange groupware functionality on top of that.
    Because we support most of the common E-Mail servers it's up to you to chose one. Just crawl the web for some guides to setup a IMAP and SMTP server.

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