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Mailfiltering with different IMAP Servers?

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  • Mailfiltering with different IMAP Servers?

    Hi all together.
    One major question is the mail filtering.
    So I have here several question and hope someone can give me answers.
    Does sieve only work with cyrus and devecot?
    Or is it IMAP server independent?
    Can OX work with maildrop from courier?

    If OX work only with sieve, and sieve work only on several IMAP servers, make it sence to know it before installing a mailserver.

    Thanks for help

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    OX uses the SIEVE filtering language which is implemented by cyrus and dovecot, thats true. As it's a open standard virtually every IMAP Server can implement it, SIEVE is the most common filtering language so it's our main focus.
    If i understand maildrop correctly, that it's the delivery part of courier like cyrdeliver on cyrus or the generic procmail. This part can usually not be configured by the user and i'll wonder if there is any external E-Mail client that can modify the MTA settings, i don't think so.

    The current compability list for SIEVE on most common imap servers:
    Cyrus: Works great, they invented it
    Dovecot: Sieve Plugin based on Cyrus SIEVE
    Courier: K.O Criteria if SIEVE is really mandatory

    If you want to use courier which does not support SIEVE you should disable the OX SIEVE plugin to avoid error messages.



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      Hi Martin

      Maildrop is called by the courier website "the mail filtering engine".
      The official website of courier:
      And yes there exist a web client from courier you can modify the filter.
      Using ubuntu 8.04 you can install it:
      apt-get install courier-maildrop courier-webadmin sqwebmail sqwebmail-de

      courier-maildrop -> is the mail filter
      courier-webadmin -> administration for courier (important here you can enable maildrop)
      sqwebmail -> the client webmail interface with mailfilter option and more
      sqwebmail-de -> german translation for webmail

      If someone here is interested in the differences of the IMAP servers here a realy good article. It's in german.