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Emails doesn't work

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  • Emails doesn't work


    I have done my installation on Debian Lenny with the official guide. Everything is alright but emails doesn't work.

    There is a Padlock on the icone, we can make nothing with emails.

    Is MTA absent ?

    In my old Ox install i can see postfix. In the new OX installation what MTA relay email ? Exim4 ? Postfix ?

    Thanks a lot for any idea

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    i have the same problem.
    where do i configure ox to use my mailserver?
    i appreciate any help

    (hope my english is right?)


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      Open-Xchange itself is a groupware, not a MTA or Mailbox System. You can set a IMAP and SMTP server when creating a new user --imapserver --smtpserver --imaplogin to use local or external services. Please see the administration documentation at



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        we have an operating mailserver (postfix/cyrus) which uses an mysql-server. i want to sync the user-database from openxchange with my mailserver-database.

        there used to be an graphical webpage (ox5) for configuration the openxchange installation. i can't find it again. is ist still in ox6?

        do i have to use the console to great an new user?

        i already read the usermanual and installationmanual. nether one tells me how to handle my sieve-server, quotas, etc....

        thanks for every hint...


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          we have a administration and configuration frontend (among other very useful services) available at the Open-Xchange Appliance Edition product. The plain groupware packages do not contain any administration frontend but very powerful command line tools. Like described at the installation guide at the wiki, users can be created through many interfaces - one of it is the command line.
          There are different quotas, one for E-Mail (which needs to be configured at the IMAP Server) and one for the Infostore and file attachments on groupware objects, this one can be configured per-context when creating it via the -q switch.
          Open-Xchange provides a plugin for managing mail filters via SIEVE (open-xchange-mailfilter), this plugin can be configured at the file at /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware. It basically lets you specify the type of login and a script name which is used for each user.



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            Thank you martin it confirms my doubts, I set up a MTA postix / cyrus. I try to adapt qmail solution.