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Debian Etch + OX = ???

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  • Debian Etch + OX = ???

    I am a fledgling Linux admin (VERY fledgling!) struggling with the Debian Etch install on a 1&1 server (I'm trying to do this for an educational insitution with the appropriate license already purchased). I have followed the instructions [URL=" _Edition_Debian4"]here[/URL and tried following the mailserver hints here.

    So far I have a web front end operating, but no ability to send or receive mail. I really am banging my head on a brick wall here - all help for an idiot appreciated!!

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    please don't use the mailserver hints since this guide is heavily outdated and also marked as deprecated. Basically you just need to follow the installation guide, what you already did.

    Then there are two ways to move on
    1. Use an already existing E-Mail Server (the one you got from your hosting provider for example)
    2. Set up an own E-Mail Server (which is much harder for a rookie)

    So, what way to you want to go?


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      I guess the server which has been preinstalled with the 1&1 version of Etch - so the question is, how do I get OX talking to it?


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        You said that OX is already up and running, just the E-Mail part is missing. This is just a configuration issue. What you need is to decide if you want to setup and maintain your *own* E-Mail server (IMAP/SMTP servers, not OX components) or use an already existing E-Mail account that is accessed by your OX installation. Or am i wrong?


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          Back after a short break :-)

          I would like IMAP/POP3 on the server to handle all email for OX.

          So I take it I need to get OX & Sendmail/Courier or whatever talking to one another?


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            exactly, you can do a vanilla installation of a typical IMAP Server like Courier/Cyrus/Dovecot etc. and a SMTP daemon like Exim, Postifx or Sendmail. Then you'll need to create E-Mail accounts at this mail backend and tell OX to use those services. This can be done by modifying the users with the 'changeuser' command of OX. For example

            'changeuser -u testuser -c 1 -A oxadmin -P secret --imapserver --smtpserver --imaplogin test.user

            Note: imaplogin is the username which is used at the IMAP and SMTP server, the users password at the E-Mail backend and OX needs to be equal.



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              OK getting there...struggling to find out what the default passwords are for Cyrus & Sendmail, and how to change them. 1&1 provide you with a preconfigured server and leave you to it :-) Googling is not getting me anywhere at the moment.

              Is there a nice, straightforward howto for all this which is eluding me??


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                Martin has already answered all these questions. You have to make some searches in Google and the forum. (English and French forum)

                The best way is the search and the work, besides Martin deserves thanks for his precise answers what I did not see in your posts.

                If you are a really fledgling, first you have to learn basics linux, network, email server concepts etc.....before try to make an OX server.

                Thank you
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                  Thanks very much for your reply. I will bear it in mind.