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  • OX on imap-strato-server

    hello every1,

    i am trying to get ox6 to work with the imapserver from strato.

    the login works since i can see my inbox-mails on the startpage. but i can not see any folders.
    ox tells me
    HTML Code:
    09.07.2009 14:34-->Fehlermeldung: Error in low level connection to sieve server (MAIL_FILTER-0014, 178876419-986)
    09.07.2009 14:34-->Fehlermeldung: Es trat ein Messaging-Fehler auf: parse error in STATUS (MSG-1023, 178876419-988)
    in i have set:
    HTML Code:
    the strato imapserver will only be used for one context.
    so i added "--imapserver" to my "createuser-command"

    on the same server runs egroupware, which works perfectly with strato.

    i could really need some help.

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    the first message says that this server does not support SIEVE, you could uninstall the SIEVE bundle (open-xchange-mailfilter) to solve it. The second message is interesting, what OX Version do you use?



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      well, most my contexts are using the local installed cyrus-imap-server. which also has the sieve-server on board.

      only one context should use strato-imap, which obviously has no sieve. is there a chance i can tell one context to not use sieve?

      i am using ox 6.8.1-6811 on a debian lenny server.


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        SIEVE support can be enabled or disabled server wide only. With 6.10 we introduce a feature to use external mail servers (like strato), those servers won't be polled for SIEVE. We also fixed a lot of possible compatibility issues with public mail servers so i'd suggest to check the announcement forums regular since we plan to release 6.10 pretty soon.


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          hello martin,

          i updated to 6.10 rev 6.

          my mailbox on the strato imapserver works fine. but i still get the error-message about the missing sieve-server. i cant disable sieve for the whole server, since my other contexts are using my local mailserver, which has a sieveserver too.

          as in ur post before u are talking about a feature which tells ox not to poll sieve if i am using the strato imapserver for a specific user/context

          i read the provisioning and administrator handbooks, but i can't find anything about a configuration option...




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            this feature (multiple IMAP accounts) allows to add external IMAP and SMTP servers to your OX Account. The primary E-Mail account will still be polled, if your primary E-Mail account is strato, then it will be polled. Is it possible for you to configure a SIEVE capable IMAP server as the primary account? Then you should be able to avoid those warning messages. Sadly i cannot imagine another solution right now.