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    Did you open a bug already?


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      no, maybe daedalus...


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        I've been to the bug page, but as i had no time to register, i left it for tomorrow.

        I reinstalled it and at this time they changed a line of the file /tmp/open-xchange-admin/build.xml. The line that calls a .jar file from the /opt/open-xchange/lib/..

        I don't remember the whitch filename it is, but it was falling to install.

        I'll post it too. The wiki installation text will be wrong. (it wasn't two days ago)

        Well yes the wrong filename on the build.xml was of org.eclipse.osgi
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          hi daedalus,

          to compile open-xchange-admin you need the new version of org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.2.jar (you must rename the file like is written in build.xml!)



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            oprocopio, thanks you're correct. I have all the lastest .jar files and i recompiled them all from the beginning again, yesterday.

            Anyway, now I am sure that's not my mistake..

            Tell me, you think is better to install 0.8.2 with postgre etc?


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              I've used the 0.8.2 version for more then one year. It works perfect but is really slow because you need Tomcat. The installation is also not easy.


              + works without problems
              + use ldap as user storage (you can use e.g. also for samba or cyrus)
              + you can use the funambol syncml plugin
              + project management, bookmarks, forum, knowledgbase
              + connection with outlook and kde kontact is better

              - webfrontend is really slow
              - you must install tomcat


              + webfrontend is really fast (ajax) and dynamical
              + installation is much easier

              - user are now in mysql-db stored (you can't use the same storage for samba)
              - with every update you solve some problems but you have new one
              - still under development

              Personally I prefer the 0.8.2 version, but the old version is to slow. And so I have installed the new one.



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                Well, why is "- still under development" a problem for you?

                0.8.2 is heavily deprecated, we released 0.8.6 a couple of weeks ago which is much more recent.


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                  is there a online demo of 0.8.6 ?

                  I have found the demo :-D
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                    Martin, and what is your opinion, better hymalia or hyperion?


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                      Depends on what you need. If LDAP is a must-have use Hymalia.
                      Hyperion is, as you already mentioned, under heavy active development and new features will show up soon. Hymalia is still maintained but as it is a relatively stable (in the meaning of doesnt-change-much) release.

                      Community participating in Hyperion will be much more active than in Hymalia and Hyperion is definitely the latest and greatest release


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                        Originally posted by daedalus View Post
                        Thank you for the reply..

                        Well actually i'm new to open-xchange but i found it very very interesting and usefull.
                        After i've installed it, I started "playing" around to find out how it works. Everything seems to work fine, but when i've been on the contact manager...
                        i've created a new contact, of a customer. Then I decided to Edit that contact and add/update more information. The popup window opens but the fields are empty and an error with red letters appears (it disappears after i left-click anywhere on the whole popped up window).

                        The error says:
                        Error code: missing field: folder (NON-0000,-1421455287-196)

                        (the last three digits (NON-0000,-1421455287-xxx) changes everytime i open that editing window)
                        I have probably the same problem. Here an screenshot:
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                          What does the "Folder" textbox at the "Personal" tab says about the target folder?


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                            Originally posted by Martin Braun View Post
                            What does the "Folder" textbox at the "Personal" tab says about the target folder?
                            I'm not sure, you will see this?
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                              Mh yes, i thought that no folder is selected, but it is. Strange - if there is a reported buy about it we'll look at it.


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                                I finally reported it to bugzilla and today i received a reply, asking if i could provide more info.

                                Well it is probably a problem with the GUI. I hope it will be fixed soon...

                                If anyone wants to help more, as perhaps user c4stro then visit the bugzilla at:

                                Unfortunately today it was a full blackout on the electricity network, on the north Greece.
                                The main system explode, as they said on the radio and tv... hahaha..
                                Very hot weather, a lot of airconditionairs, working full....