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I cannot access to imap folders

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  • I cannot access to imap folders

    I can access to inbox folder ,

    but when i try access to other folders i can't and i see a red signal, (see attachfile)
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    Does you imap server support acl? are they set correctly?


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      I recompiled open-xchange-gui, and it's Ok.



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        hi martin
        can u address how to set ACL correctly....
        I'm also attaching screenshot ....
        im not able to share email folders and when i go to "properties", i can see
        this , which i've attached in my screenshot ....

        Originally posted by Martin Braun View Post
        Does you imap server support acl? are they set correctly?
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          Do you use Cyrus?

          I encounter almost the same problem. After I created shared mailboxes with cyradm, the only way my users can use them is by giving them at least admin rights. When I want to access the folders in Thunderbird, the admin tag is not needed.
          Can somebody explain me why a user needs admin rights to be able to see/use a shared folder in OX?

          Some extra info. When I tag a folder for a user with lrswa, the user can see the folder in OX and can use it. But he isn't admin. By the time the user also gets the k tag, he suddenly becomes admin, but is not able to create sub-folders (not in OX, in Thundebird hen can).

          This is what man cyradm tells me about the tags:
          l   Lookup (mailbox is visible to LIST/LSUB, SUBSCRIBE mailbox)
          r   Read (SELECT/EXAMINE the mailbox, perform STATUS)
          s   Seen (set/clear \SEEN flag via STORE, also set \SEEN flag during
                  APPEND/COPY/FETCH BODY[...])
          w   Write flags other than \SEEN and \DELETED
          i   Insert (APPEND, COPY destination)
          p   Post (send mail to mailbox)
          k   Create mailbox (CREATE new sub-mailboxes, parent for new mailbox in RENAME)
          x   Delete mailbox (DELETE mailbox, old mailbox name in RENAME)
          t   Delete messages (set/clear \DELETED flag via STORE, also set \DELETED
                     flag during APPEND/COPY)
          e   Perform EXPUNGE and expunge as part of CLOSE
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