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  • Date of recived mails

    Hello everyone,

    i notice that the date of any e-mails not been displayed correct. The date of a e-mail ist the date from the file not from the e-mail.

    Is this a Bug or a feature?

    Best regards


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    Hi Andreas,

    this is just a different implementation. Some clients use the date from the e-mail header, others use the response to the IMAP "internaldate" request.



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      Hi Martin,

      ok, i have the problem that some e-mails in the OX webmail have the file date and not the IMAP "internaldate". Is it possible to change the settings from file date to IMAP internaldate?

      Best Andreas


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        Hello friends

        In both Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook, the time showing of my received e-mails is 14 hours ahead of the true time. eg. mail received at 16.00 on 28th shows as received at 06.00 on 29th.I use MSN Messenger which shows correct times,

        the time in my PC's BIOS is correct and e-mails received to my Hotmail account show the correct time. I am using Windows XP and I wonder if my internet providers server could be set to the wrong time, or does anyone know of another reason this might occur. The e-mails I send out are OK, for example from my regular e-mail address to my hotmail address show correct time


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          @Andreas there is no switch to change this handling.