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Is Cyrus needed? Or could Hyperion work with Courier?

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  • Is Cyrus needed? Or could Hyperion work with Courier?

    Hello everybody,

    is there a solution to run OX Hyperion without Cyrus? On my Servers runs VHCS Omega and there is Courier implemented with Courier-Imap. So i canīt change to Cyrus.

    Is Cyrus necessary to get OX running? Or can i use it with IMAP like a _normal_ webmailer like RoundCube or Squirrelmail ?

    Thanks for your help
    Greez BeNe
    Open-Xchange - Community Edition User

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    As long as it speaks IMAP, it should work with OX. You may have to tweak the /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/

    This might help:


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      Great - thx!
      I will test it....
      Open-Xchange - Community Edition User


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        did you get it to work with courier ?
        I'd look to the file /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/
        but i didn't find anything that is related to the cpurier-imap.
        When i try to create a new user, i got the following error:

        Server response:
        com.openexchange.admin.plugins.PluginException: com.openexchange.admin.rmi.exceptions.OXUserIMAPEx ception: javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Login failed.

        When i try to login with a normal imap-client there is no problem.



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          Iīm not ready at this time.
          I will install OX the next few days on a new Server here.

          But i think that the community can help here - this is a *must have*
          function for us. I hope it works....
          Open-Xchange - Community Edition User


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            Yes, this really a *must_have* ;o)
            with OX 0.8.2 this was not really a problem,...

            When i find any kind of solution i will post it here,...



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              Well, OX speaks IMAP. No matter if it's Courier or Cyrus or any other IMAP Server (as long it's RFC compliant). The '' is to configure some options and settings for OX, not to configure your IMAP server. Just only the admin scripts may use some special, cyrus related commands, but I'm not sure.

              javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Login failed.

              This simply means there's something wrong with your Username and/or Password so you may want to check your IMAP server configuration/setup.


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                i had create a courier user "". when i start the ox-createuser script without a domain i run into the java.auth error (simply because this isn't a imap user). when i give the ox-createuser script a domain, it creates the user and give me his id, but i cannot login at the ox-login as "".
                Now, i edited the uid field in the login2user mysql table, and deleted the part, now i can login, but dont have access to my mails ;o)
                And there are some errors inside the portal (MSG-0054:Missing field: folder), but i didnt know if this is related to the imap problem.
                thx for the hint to the admin scripts, i will take a look to them,..


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                  so, no chance to get a successfully login to my courier server,...
                  In the mysql open-xchange-db, in the user table i found a field named "imapLogin", this was originally empty. I filled it with my login data, but nothing happens,... (my courier log says: imapd: LOGIN FAILED, user=johanson, ip=[::ffff:] - without the domain part!!!).
                  In the admin scripts i didnt found anything because i had no idea from java,.. ;o)


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                    i checked out the new cvs rpository and compiled it again, and now the imap login gives me NO errors !!!
                    Do you have changed anything in the source ?

                    THX, now ith works for me,...


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                      Don't think so, but always keep in mind that you usually need to restart the OX server if you make manual (database) changes at the (user) settings. Most (user) settings will be cached by the OX server once loaded from the database!!!