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  • New OX-Connector

    Did already somebody try the latest Funambol (6.5.14) i.c.w. OX-connector (6.5.8)?

    Or can somebody tell me what has changed?

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    since today we installed the newest version of all components (java mail for mobile, funambol and ox connector) - and, so far, wow it works - without any special modifications (almost: out of the box .


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      okay, i have to change my opinion about the new ox-connector together with funambol 6.5.

      So far, following does not work:

      - writing an email with the funambol client 6.6.10 does not store a copy in sent folder on the server

      - delete an email on the mobile does not store the deleted message in trash folder on the server (in general sent and trash will not synced - i can not understand that, becaus the older versions of funambol even synced sent folder)

      - funambol email client will not sync contacts, because of using fixed "card" identifier instead of "oxcard" - workaround: could be changed in source and recompiled

      - sync of contacts and calender work in general but some special workarounds have to be setup (add your phone to synclet e.g. E51, modify in.synclet)



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        Steini, thanks.

        As far as I know, the main problems are not solved. (I read about the issues you mention I read about before)
        This means I will add these versions to the next OpenSUSE installer.