i set up my first Funambol Server 7.0GA with funambol-ox-connector-7.0.5 running on CentOS5 to sync contacts from OX:EE (Build: 6.4.2-0, 2008-01-31) to my Samsung Omnia i900 (Windows Mobile 6.1) cell phone and vice versa.
The Installation & Setup run like decribed in the documentations w/o any complications.
On my cell phone i installed funambol-pocketpc-pl​ugin-7.0.8.cab (*.exe wont install) and configured to use oxscal, oxstask and oxscard on the ds-server.
Synchronisation in both directions works perfectly for CALENDAR and TASKS.
Also CONTACTS sync's are working, but the entry for "TEL;TYPE=cell,voice​:<telnr>" points to the wrong "work2" on my cell phone.
I estimated this vCard entry in the "cell,voice" category as ActiveSync does.
The other way around, when i create a contact on my mobile and sync to OX:EE so the "cell,voice" entry of the new created contact appears as "cell phone (private)" and the "cell phone (business)" is empty.
Is there any possibility to configure this mapping?