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OX-Connector <=> Android Contacts

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  • OX-Connector <=> Android Contacts

    Hi All,

    I am new in the forum. I am struggling with a rather weird problem. First, this is my software (on OpenSUSE 11.1)
    Open-Xchange 6.8.0
    Funabol 7.0.6
    Android alamobile-Funambolsync.apk

    The only problem I ran into initially was that the alamobile client went for a "card" URI. I had to add that to the ox-connector (Vcard) and delete the original one

    Now to the problem. If I enter contacts on the Android phone and then sync they show up fine in Open-xchange. They show up with phone numbers under the private contact tab.

    However, if I do it the other way around it is different though. If I create the same contact, with exactly the same fields occupied with the same information, and then sync I end up with the contact on my Android phone without all information. Specifically all the phone numbers are missing. The only phone number that makes it over is the Private Mobile one.

    I have enabled logs and I have read them for days. I can't figure out what is going wrong here. I am happy to provide more information if you give me any hints on how to proceed here.


    // Jonas

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    OX-Connector &lt;=&gt; Android Contacts

    Just wanted to add to this that it is not only the Funambol Android client that has an issue here. I just finished a test with syncevolution and it is the same problem. So looking at the flow of contacts, starting with the entity that has the contacts on the left, with a slow sync to the entity to the right, this is the result. Note that funambol is with the ox-connector

    Evolution => funambol => Open-xchange: WORKS!
    Open-Xchange => funambol => Evolution: MISSING NUMBERS

    Android => Funambol => Open-xchange: WORKS!
    Open-xchange => Funambol => Android: MISSING NUMBERS

    So this leads me to the conclusion that the problem is in the ox-connector. I will now try from the Demo database only to see if the problem is there without the ox-connector.

    // Jonas


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      Hi Jonas,

      the funambol-ox connector has been developed by Funambol, i think if you want to get some feedback or maybe a fix for that issue, you should also post in their forums.



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        Hi Martin,

        I didn't know that. I will post there as well then.


        // Jonas


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          Would be great if you can provide the link to the post here.