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    Hi Pezi,

    funktioniert jetzt auch der Aufruf von Batch Scripten?




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      There is a problem with the login as oxadmin.

      When ever I go to the login page, there ain't no checkbox to select that I want to login as context admin, so I always have to use the oxadminmaster user.
      BUT after I logout as oxadminmaster then there is a checkbox at the login form for the context admin.

      Could this be fixed somehow?



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        The oxadmin master password is used to crypt the password of the context admin to avoid plain text passwords. The GUI itselfs needs this context admin password to do context related jobs like user creation. So only after a login as an oxadmin master the passwords of the context admins are available in memory. So the this strange behaviour is as designed.


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          This admin tool is great, but it would be better if it allowed search users by their "User name" (login name).

          I'm not a programmer, so next suggestion may be wrong.

          Looking around your code and OX6 RMI, i see a function you can use to get username from an User object and include in the search:

          com.openexchange.admin.rmi.dataobjects.User u = ulist[i];
          StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer();


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            New relase of the GUI (v0.1.14 ) is available:

            Bugfix: Problems with the user module access fields
            Correction of invalid HTML code (groups)
            Remove some deprecated API calls (source code)
            New: extention of the user search function to the login name - Thanks to seanmagh! See previous post

            Known issue: After the update to 6.20.0 Rev5 - the context access rights are unknown - known problem after an update. But with this version the reset to the value 'all' returns the value 'groupware_premium'. I am not sure, if this strange behaviour is an general problem.


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              thanks for the new version, gonna check it out
              Is the context access rights thing related to OX? Anything we can do here?


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                Thanks for the update and also for including my suggestion, works like a charm!

                But i have an issue while trying to change/edit an user using OX 6.18.2 Rev 31. I search the user, select it, but the next error appears:

                java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.openexchange.admin.rmi.dataobjects.User.getImapServerString()Ljava/lang/String;
                at at.sciencesoft.controller.ModifyUser.process(
                at at.sciencesoft.controller.Main.process(
                With OX 6.20.0 Rev 5 works right.
                This problem is not important to me becouse we are about to update 6.18.2 to 6.20


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                  Ups - sorry removing the deprecated methods (IMAP Server etc.) was too early. These methods are deprecates since 6.20.



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                    The problemes with the context seems to be OX related. The GUI uses following string related methods to change the CTX related access rights:

                    changeModuleAccess(Context ctx, String access_combination_name, Credentials auth)
                    String getAccessCombinationName(Context ctx, Credentials auth)

                    Problem: After an OX version update, the access rights are empty - the method getAccessCombinationName() returns null, which will be mapped to UNKOWN by the GUI. In the past the simple solution for this problem was to reset this right mask by the GUI to the old value. But with version 6.20 the reset of the right mask form e.g ALL jumps to groupware_premium.

                    For getAccessCombinationName() the API-docu says:
                    Get current access combination name of the context based on the rights of the admin user!
                    Perhaps, here is the problem - the rights of the admin user mask the result. I don't know.


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                      this happens because we had to change some default access permission sets. So the returned bitmask does not match a predefined permission set anymore.

                      Such changes are tracked here:

                      Last edited by Martin Heiland; 04-04-2011, 09:36 AM.


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                        changed deault access permissions

                        Originally posted by Martin Braun View Post

                        this happens because we had to change some default access permission sets. So the returned bitmask does not match a predefined permission set anymore.

                        Such changes are tracked here:

                        Hello Martin,

                        good to know, but I didn't find it in the posted changes. I used search words like 'access' and 'permission' and got very old threads... A hint from OX would be nice please post the link with access permission changes description here. Thanks!
                        And if we find it meanwhile we'll post it here


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                          at least this one is available at that forum:


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                            Moin moin,

                            nach erfolgreichem Update auf 6.20 habe ich auch das OXadminGui Update installiert. Leider startet das AdminGui jetzt nicht mehr.
                            Im Webbrowser steht:
                            No servlet bound to path/alias: /servlet/webserver/index.html
                            ein listbundles gibt aus:
                            bundlename: at.sciencesoft.oxadmingui status: INSTALLED
                            und hier das open-xchange.log.0
                            Apr 13, 2011 9:49:50 AM com.openexchange.control.internal.GeneralControl start

                            SEVERE: cannot start bundle: at.sciencesoft.oxadmingui

                            org.osgi.framework.BundleException: The bundle "at.sciencesoft.oxadmingui_0.1.4 [1]" could not be resolved. Reason: Missing Constraint: Import-Package: com.openexchange.sessiond.exception; version="0.0.0"
                            Hoffe Ihr habt eine lösung für mich.

                            Gruß Andreas


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                              Bitte es mit einer neueren Version von der HP versuchen:
                              Ich habe heute (13.04.2011) eine kleine Umstellung getätigt - und die Bundle Version korrigiert Bitte auch verifzieren, dass die richtige jar Datei im /opt/open-xchange/bundles landet.
                              wget direkt in diesem Verzeichnis geht schief: die Datei existiert schon , und die neue JAR-Datei landet durch wget mit anderem Namen im Verzeichnis.
                              Last edited by pezi; 04-13-2011, 11:27 PM.


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                                Hi pezi!

                                Danke füt den Tipp, ich hatte es in mein Homedir geladen. Da lag aber zufällig auch noch eine JAR-Datei rum. Somit habe ich die falsche Version kopiert.

                                Habe die alte JAR gelöscht und die Neue herrunter geladen und verschoben, jetzt gehts. Nochmals Danke

                                Gruß Andreas