Open-Xchange releases OX SE v6.22.9, App Suite v7.6.2 and OX Documents v7.6.2 for Univention Corporate Server v4.0

OX App Suite is the secure, one-stop, centralized hub for all your customers’ online requirements. Uniting email, calendar, contacts, file storage, office productivity, social media and more, it is the digital place to be – today and tomorrow.

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX App Suite v7.6.2, Open-Xchange Server 6 v6.22.9 and OX Documents v7.6.2.

The main focus of this OX App Suite release is improved design and usability for the web front-end in all applications. Included in this v7.6.2 release are HTML Signatures and a Comment field in Calendar invitation mails.

In addition Open-Xchange is also announcing a minor update of OX Documents.

A more detailed overview of all the improvements to OX App Suite, Open-Xchange Server 6 backend and OX Documents can be found at:

Important - Please Note
  • New Sharing Concept with OX App Suite v7.8.0
    Open-Xchange would like to provide you with early notification of an upcoming behavior change for the sharing / publication concept. With OX App Suite v7.8.0, Open-Xchange will enhance the sharing concept from the producer perspective (“Shared by me”) and the consumer perspective (“Shared with me”). The new sharing concept will be based on a completely new guest-user concept to allow users to provide and consume shared materials in an easy and quick way. Please Note: Publications which were created before v7.8.0 will be available and manageable via the user settings menu. New publications can be created via the new sharing concept. Open-Xchange will provide a detailed summary about the behavior change as pre-information before the launch OX App Suite v7.8.0.
  • LinkedIn Integration
    Regarding the integration between OX App Suite and LinkedIn, we would like to notify you about an upcoming LinkedIn API change, which is used by the App Suite app server. We were informed by LinkedIn this week that LinkedIn will restrict access to parts of their currently available API for all existing users and partners by May 15th. LinkedIn will only allow access to the full API, if you sign up for the LinkedIn partner program. Read More:
  • Facebook Integration
    Regarding the integration between OX App Suite and Facebook, we would like to notify you about some Facebook API changes which affect the integration between OX App Suite and the Facebook social network. Specifically Facebook has reduced the ability to access the Fetch Contact Data from the Graph API. This does not change the ability for OX App Suite to display Facebook content on the portal it does affect the Contacts module. Due to these new restrictions OX App Suite is no longer able to provide a stable way for users to enhance the address book using the Facebook API. This means that the subscription capability of the OX App Suite Contacts module, from Facebook accounts, will be disabled. Existing content will not be affected. Read More:
  • Third party component support announcements
    Open-Xchange discontinues support for Apple iOS 6 with the minor release of OX App Suite, v7.6.2. Additionally, Open-Xchange will discontinue support for Apple iOS 7 with the next major release of OX App Suite, v7.8.0.
    Open-Xchange discontinues support for Apple Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion with the minor release of OX App Suite, v7.6.2.

Shipped packages and versions:
  • Open-Xchange App Suite frontend v7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange App Suite backend v7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange OX6 frontend v6.22.9-rev13
  • Open-Xchange OX6 backend v7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange USM v7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange App Suite EAS 7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange Driverestricted 7.6.2-rev12
  • OX Documents Office-web v7.6.2-rev12
  • OX Documents Office v7.6.2-rev12
  • OX Documents Calcengine v7.6.2-12
  • OX Documents Documentconverter v7.6.2-rev12
  • OX Documents Documentconverter-api v7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange OX Drive-help v1.4.0-rev4
  • Open-Xchange App Suite Updater v7.6.2-rev12
  • Open-Xchange Connector for Microsoft Outlook v7.2.12
  • Open-Xchange Updater v6.18.27
  • Open-Xchange Notifier v1.0.6
  • Open-Xchange Drive for Windows 1.4.6

Complete Release Notes can be found at:
All updates for OX SE / App Suite for UCS will be available in the Univention App Center. Please check the UMC module App Center for updates of the application Open-Xchange Server Edition / OX App Suite. Please reboot the complete system after the update.