Open-Xchange releases OX Guard v2.0.0 for OX App Suite

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Guard v2.0.0.

OX Guard is a fully integrated security add-on to OX App Suite that provides end users with a flexible email and file encryption solution. OX Guard is a highly scalable, multi server, feature rich solution that is so simple-to-use that end users will actually use it. With a single click a user can take control of their security and send secure emails and share encrypted files. This can be done from any device to both OX App Suite and non-OX App Suite users. The browser-based reader for non-OX App Suite users is also perfect for advertising and viral user acquisition.

Based on customer feedback we have now implemented a solution using standard PGP encryption. With the release of OX Guard v2.0.0, Open-Xchange uses PGP for the encryption email and files.

PGP has been around for a long time, yet has not really caught on with the masses. This is generally blamed on the confusion and complications of managing the keys, understanding trust, PGP format types, and lack of trusted central key repositories. Guard simplifies all of this, making PGP encryption as easy as a one click process, with no keys to keep track of, yet the options of advanced PGP management for those that know how.

A more detailed overview of all the new features and improvements to OX Guard v2.0.0 can be found here:

Pricing and Availability

If you wish to evaluate OX Guard please contact your Open-Xchange Sales rep. They will process the request and provide pricing and license key details.

Shipped Packages and Version:
  • Open-Xchange Guard 2.0.0-rev6

Complete Release Notes can be found here:

For details of how to install OX Guard please refer to the instructions here:

For details of how to update OX Guard please refer to the instructions here: