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Open-Xchange releases OX Mail App v2.10 for Android and Apple iOS

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  • Open-Xchange releases OX Mail App v2.10 for Android and Apple iOS

    Open-Xchange releases OX Mail App v2.10 for Android and Apple iOS

    Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX Mail App v2.10 for Android and Apple iOS.

    OX Mail app is a native mobile app built specifically for smartphone and tablet users who already have a valid OX App Suite account. The OX Mail app, for Android and Apple iOS, provides fast and robust email access on both smartphones and tablets. It is designed to work seamlessly with OX App Suite.

    What's new in OX Mail App v2.10 for Android and Apple iOS:
    • Additional External Account Support
      The OX Mail App now lets users view existing external email accounts that have been configured in OX App Suite. This is in addition to their primary account. This means that OX Mail App not only displays emails from external accounts but after adding them you can work with then as usual, all from our app. On Android you can additionally add or manage your accounts from within the app.
    • Advanced Search Differentiate between unread, flagged or have attachments
      The OX Mail App provides a full search feature. Users can activate the search by pressing the search icon at the top of the view. The app searches the subject line and email senders. In this version additional functionality has been added to the search. It can now show emails from any account, a specific account, a specific folder, filter on mails that are unread, flagged or have attachments. You can also limit the scope of the search to subject, sender or recipients.
    • Filter Mails
      You can now filter your mails in any folder to show only unread, flagged (starred) or messages with attachments.
    • Additional Android Features
      On Android you can now additionally secure access to OX Mail by using your PIN or fingerprint. You can enable this lock in the app settings. You can now also request read receipts when writing a new mail.
    Open-Xchange now provides a more detailed overview and Feature Overview document relating to new OX Mail App v2.10 product release. These can be found at

    Shipped packages and versions:
    • Open-Xchange Mail App v2.10.0 for Android
    • Open-Xchange Mail App v2.10.0 for Apple iOS
    For further details about download & install, branding, push setup & configuration, please refer to the documentation provided: