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PHP - Problems after a login request

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  • PHP - Problems after a login request


    i'm not sure if this is the right place for my question in this forum so don't be angry with me if an admin has to move this thread ;-)

    i have to develop a program for one of my customers which needs to work with his ox server. on a web site wich is built by me a visitor may enter his contact data. after submitting the data a php-page has to tell the ox server that the contact data must be stored in a folder.

    ich recently read the essential parts of the HTTP-API and tried to connect to the ox server.

    ich connected with this qurey-string:
    $authString = 'https://'.

    after this i received a session ID and a random token. i was glad to see this espected result.
    if i'm not totally wrong i'll need to generate a HTTP-Cookie and concat it on the next HTTP-Request which i'll send to the server for further actions.

    I read that this cookie needs a name/value pair with the name 'JSESSIONID'.
    Ich tried to figure out what value is needed for this name value pair and i saw it was a MD5 hash (or a kind of it). In the Response i got when sending my credentials to the ox server was nothing that looked like this MD5 hash.

    Where do i get a JSESSIONID?

    I also speak german if it can help to go ahead

    edit: i just tried to perform a better english ;-)
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    Solved ;-)

    Here are some really good helpers for Low-Level HTTP Code in PHP für Connecting to ox and helping to handle the Cookies.

    I hope this will help somebody when asking the same question