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Changing default imap and smtp server

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  • Changing default imap and smtp server

    Is there any way to set the hardcoded imap and smtp server to something other than localhost? I was testing OXSE on my email server and it drove up utilization and made things a bit difficult for me. I'm installing it onto another VM but now I can't seem to set imap and smtp globally to something else.

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    The --imapserver, --smtpserver and --imaplogin parameters of createuser and changeuser might be what you're searching for.

    More options via change/createuser --help/--extendedoptions


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      Thanks. but actually that didn't work.

      I can see that it very helpfully changed the record in the mysql database, but if I go to the mail accounts setup for the user in the web gul it still shows the wrong port and none of the other info. Also there's an error 'Cannot initialize mail module'