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    Is it possible to run a single OX hosting edition instance under multiple IPs and/or domain names?
    For example and

    I just did a quick test with an Apache ServerAlias, and the web frontend seems to work.
    However I'm curious if this is officially supported and if there are any special configuration options to be set. Especially how to deal with the object-link-hostname and extras-link configuration parameter of the oxinstaller command.

    Many thanks!
    Christian Affolter
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    Hi Christian,

    yes this is specifically supported and often used within high-availability or high-load environments to distribute the webserver load. Since the webserver only forwards requests to the server configured at proxy_ajp, there should be no problems. However, invitation links might have the "wrong" URL - but since both webservers point to the same OX machine, this should not be a big issue. Typically, multiple webservers are used for one domain by using DNS balancing (multiple IP addresses per domain). Using two domains for one machines is rather special - may i ask for the use case here?



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      Hi Martin

      thank you for your prompt answer.

      Originally posted by Martin Braun View Post
      Using two domains for one machines is rather special - may i ask for the use case here?
      A few of our reseller customers wishes to access OX under their own domain. So it's more about domain white labeling than load distribution.

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        Ah okay. We already had this requirement in several customer scenarios. You might contact your OX representative to get in touch with the professional services people. They should have configuration, experience and settings for this kind of setup.



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          Hello Christian,

          if you are familiar with Java programming and OSGi you can write your own HostnameService. The corresponding interface is com.openexchange.groupware.notify.hostname.Hostnam eService. This interface has a method getHostname(int, int) which gets the user id and the context id as parameter. Based on them you can return a specific hostname.

          So a simplified version would look like:

          public final class SampleHostnameService implements HostnameService {
          	public String getHostname(int userId, int contextId) {
          		if (contextId == 1) {
          			return "";
          		} else {
          			return "";
          This class must be made available as implementation for the HostnameService with the OSGi specific mechanisms.